Aviatize - Multitool of the sky

From maintenance to take-off and everything in between, the Aviatize platform manages all processes in 1 place, allowing the operator to focus on what matters most: Flying More. For AOC's, ATO's, CAMO's, private owners and aeroclubs.

Managing an airline, charter operation, maintenance organisation or aeroclub requires the management to stay on top of a lot of processes. Often these processes are still managed by rather archaic methods such as spreadsheets, databases, notes and a wide variety of segmented software applications. Sometimes we see operators using more than 10  different applications: one for flight planning, one for safety management, another for document control, yet another for duty times, and so on. Double, triple or even quadruple entries of the same data are inserted in those systems. 

During sporadic audits, the ineffiency of such methods becomes apparant as systems do not talk to each other. But the time loss and increased overhead cost of such way of managing is in fact hurting the business on a daily basis.

That is why the Aviatize products are built to give an all-in-one solution to the operators or owners. The ultimate goal is to allow the operators to focus on what makes their business profitable or what makes them save money. 

Aviatize lets the operator use less software by bringing all of the processes together in one platform. This results in better alignment of processes and staff and ultimately cuts a lot of the overhead costs, while it enables the organisation to fly more. 

Aviatize is taking aviation software to a new level. We do not settle for an enhanced spreadsheet or database approach, we use advanced technology and intuitive user interfaces to maximize efficiency at the operator. 

Thanks to a fully responsive web-platform, the system works seamlessly on all devices, and by offering a state-of-the-art configurator, the operator can make the platform work according to its own procedures, rather than adopting its organisation to a software system.

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