Boysen Customer Solutions

Boysen product and service solutions have proven successful for customers in all sectors of the aviation industry. Our portfolio includes fasteners (norm- and drawing-parts), bearings, latches and many other hardware products as well as services packages to improve our customers production.

Product Solutions

With more than 19.000 partnumbers of mechanical fasteners on stock and an additional 50.000 on shortlist, we have one of the largest fastener product portfolios in Europe.

Service Solutions

Our service portfolio helps to reduce complexity in the production and can raise your supply chain management to the next level.

Smart Factory Logistics (SFL)

In cooperation with our partners at Bossard we provide logistic services to our customers who are ready for Industry 4.0.
We offer the usage of automatic stocklevel analysis as well as reordering of products and digitally transferring the data to us from your production site in order for you to save manpower and administration workload in your procurement processes.

In addition let us help you to improve your internal production material flow and organize your supermarkets!

Direct Line Feed (DLF)

Streamlining the production material flow is a major goal for our customers and ourselves.
With years of experience we, together with our customers, design individual material racks for fastening products to ensure sufficient stock at the assembly stations and avoid long transportation routes.

Additionally, we offer services to take care of the restocking of racks to reduce workload and complexity within the customer's administration.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

By utilizing and analysing the consumption of our customers we ship new parts before the production stock reaches a critical level. Everything being done without the need for the customer to place an order. We are using state-of-the-art online tools to receive and analyse our customers consumption. Always aligned to your wishes and requirements!

Delegated incoming inspection

Besides the regular incoming inspection for all deliveries which we receive from our suppliers, we are taking over the incoming inspection for our customers. Additional quality and volume control before the shipment allows our customer to transfer the parts directly into the warehouse when they arrive at their facilities without additional actions required! This helps our customers to reduce administrative workload as well as throughput time of the parts in the supply chain.