Cabin Convenience Controller

The Cabin Convenience Controller (CCC) is a multi-function controller based on a FPGA-chip with connection options like Wifi, Lan, Can-Bus to control several Waste Water System applications within the cabin, lavatory and/or galley.

The CCC is qualified according to RTCA-DO160G and listed on our capability list.

The development is based on a modular design and with the FPGA-chip-structur the customization to customer needs also out of Waste Water application should be possible on a easy way.

The Cabin Convenience Controller from E.I.S. Electronics offers a wide range of functionality and interfaces and uses FPGAs and system-on-chips technologies.

The electronic units are programmed using hardware-related programming languages such as VHDL and C/C++. Depending on the requirements, Real Time or embedded operating systems such as Linux are also used. For the test system of the controller we use among others NI modules and NI LabVIEW.

Thanks to the technologies used as well as the modular design, we have created the possibility from the outset to implement customer requirements even outside the current field of application. We are happy to discuss your requirements with you.


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