Composites bucket seat structure for a European Rotorcraft

DUQUEINE Group is taking care since 2012 of the industrial production of the bullet-proof bucket seat structures for multi-role helicopters. These parts are naturally key for the rotorcraft survivability on the battlefield and increase the fuel range thanks to its composites lightweight technology.

The project initially started in 2011 with a deep engineering study to set up an efficient production line (x15 production operations per seat) that can achieve the Design-to-cost objectives.

The high expectations of our customer in terms of quality/cost/delivery lead time helped us to build a close and successful collaboration with both working teams. 

After several operations, the product is cured in autoclave and integrates Carbon and Aramide Fibres Reinforced Plastic, Honeycomb, ceramic matrix composites shields, metal parts and few more components. The material health quality is checked on a 100% basis. This programme represents the expertise of DUQUEINE Group in industrial manufacturing of high performances composites assemblies, continuously achieving the expected KPI:

  • 100 % OTD
  • 100 % OQD
  • 100 % OCD

To stay humble, this project was a big challenge for the whole team and we are proud this almost x300 units/year programme is still today running up and fine in one of our Best Costs facilities. It helped us moving the HR-skills to a next level and we now look for other projects; like to keep demonstrating our composites know-how to the market.

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