Covering The Full Bandwith Of Aviation Insurances

PETER H. BRAASCH offers the complete field of suitable insurance packages for private owners, commercial rotorcraft operators, flight schools and MRO companies.

Since 1971 customers rely on our family business. We analyse your requirements and place your policy with the underwriters giving you the most favourable ratio between dues and the scope of insurance coverage. Very we are dealing with a mix – either in the fleet of our customers (f.i. helicopters and fixed wings) or in the operations (f.i. flight school and MRO). It needs bespoken solutions to keep you in the air – save. Some examples:


Flight Schools, Clubs & Aerodromes

Individual insurance and complete protection

For many pilots, both the hobby and the commercial activity of aviation can best be realized in an association. Accordingly, clubs and the often af­filiated flight schools need insurance coverage in order to include all air­planes and passengers listed there. Student pilots require appropriate insurance, too. An agile association structure also carries certain risks. In the event of loss, questions regarding the liability of the club and its executive com­mittee need to be addressed in cases where accidents are caused by individuals who, for instance, lack a certain entitlement.

We are anchored in associations

With over 40 years of expertise in the market, we are trusted by several hundred clubs. Accordingly, we have experienced and regulated almost every types of sce­narios for our customers. Not only do you benefit from our know-how in case of emergency, but we also organize information evenings with you in your clubhouse. In addition, we do not put a burden on the club management, who often runs it voluntarily: We keep the administrative effort at a minimum, no matter how many aircraft your association has insured with us and on which deadline the policies have been concluded.


Development, Maintenance, & CAMO Companies

You stand up - not just with your good name

As a company, you are generally responsible for the development and ma­nufacture of your products or the products that are on site for inspection, maintenance or repair. So far so simple. However, already with the mainte­nance of the airworthiness you have special responsibility appears. From an insurance technical point of view, there are a number of elements, according to the complexity of the competences that your company carries out for the aircraft owner: From the operating, through the product liability to the custodial liability and the workshop insurance. It is necessary to evaluate which type of insurance makes sense. The customer structure must also be taken into consideration and what services your company actually assumes in each case.

We take care

In order to find the right insurance cover for your business, we provide you with comprehensive advice on detailed analysis and our unique industry expertise. Most different companies from all areas trust us. We develop our own products, which allows for an in-house-processing on improved terms. Claims processing in the Maintenance / CAMO / Repair segment is one of the most complicated in the industry. First and foremost, it is important to quickly and reliably identify liabili­ty claims on the one hand, and, on the other hand, to eliminate the large num­ber of possible exclusions as to why insurance does not apply. Since we handle such claims almost every day, you can rely on us in case of emergency as we settle quickly and with the best result for you. Additionally, prior to concluding the insurance, we clarify the assignment of the policies, in order to insure correspon­ding trades accordingly.


Private Persons

An aircraft is not a flying car

Unlike the automobile, an aircraft often requires more than a liability and op­tional hull insurance. Even the well-known triad of third party legal liability, hull insurance and coverage for personal injury caused by an accident does not ne­cessarily mean that it provides everyone with comprehensive protection for all events. In addition to Third Party Legal Liability and Passenger Legal Liability Insu­rance, there is the combination of the two, called CSL („Combined-Single-Limit“). Depending on the main type of use, the aircraft itself can be specially insured, for example via a Carrier Liability and Engine Breakdown Insurance. As the owner of an aircraft, you may also consider whether you operate the aircraft alone - be it privately or commercially - or whether other pilots use it. There is also the danger of over- or underinsuring the aircraft, or even taking multiple insurances – especially for the novice who “only” wants to realize his dream of flying.

Your insurance scores not only in an emergency

We provide you with information and advice from the very beginning, showing you which possibilities and options there are for you. Your advantage: You will re­ceive expert advice from experienced aviation insurance specialists who know the market. We calculate at fair prices, as we are aware that in our small industry you’ll encounter the other time and again. As a contract partner, you can reach us at almost any time for any questions and concerns regarding your insurance. And in the event of loss, we guarantee to provide you with a first analysis within 24 hours. You save time and nerves, because we are specialists and know almost every type of aircraft down to the minute detail. Our personal long-term contact with recognized surveyors, clerks and repair shops play a major role in getting the best results for you.


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