ALPHACHOCKS is the safest and lightest solution for an ongoing challenge in the aviation industry. We safeguard all ranges of aircraft. From ALPHACHOCKS MINI that is ideal for your aircraft with wheel fairings to ALPHACHOCKS MAX that will offer maximum protection for the world´s heaviest aircraft.

ALPHACHOCKS was Invented in 2015 by an aviation professional and pilot with more than 40 years of experience who during his career stumbled into many chock issues.

Assisting him is his daughter: Like him, she is also passionate about the aviation industry.

Her experience comes from commercial and private aviation as well as being a private pilot herself.

Here are just some examples we are sure you are familiar with:

  • Unavailable or limited chock service at your destination airport
  • Chocks often getting stuck under your wheel
  • Chocks skidding away during wind gusts
  • Impractical to carry them with you on board “Heavy weighed & Bulky”
  • Limited space on your towing trucks which can endanger safety operation
  • Mess in your hanger
  • High workload for yourself, Ramp personal, Pilots, handling agents who secure the aircraft with traditional rubber chocks weighing 7kg-12kg|15lb-26lb and most of the time they are paired with a rope so they end up carrying twice the amount of weight.