Discover the new AS350: the "Flying Laboratory"

Airborne Technologies has partnered with the Slovakian power engineering company VUJE and now introduces the AS350. The so-called "flying laboratory" compromises eight different sensors that can be controlled by only one operator.


Airborne Technologies (ABT) has handed over a real multi-talent to the Slovakian power engineering company VUJE. The AS350, also called the "flying laboratory", studded with sensors, is the epitome of a multi-sensor application. It comprises 8 different sensors that can be controlled by only one operator via a leading-ledge operator workstation. The ABT engineering team has installed the individual sensors of of the comprehensive sensor suite on 3 external mounts.

Alexander Kšiňan, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of VUJE, said: “The sensor architecture implemented by Airborne Technologies reduces the workload of the crew by enabling a safe operation of 8 sensors simultaneously. The deployment of a single engine helicopter with a 2-men-crew sets new standards in economic efficiency.

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