Low-altitude Air Mobility Explorer

In just 8 years, XPENG HT Aero, as a rising star of Urban Air Mobility (UAM), has released 5 eVOTL (electric vertical take-off and landing) aircraft concepts. The latest is the XPENG X2 - the 5th generation flying car – boasting a whole host of high-tech innovative features.

The ability to fly freely in the sky has always been a dream for many of us.. Born with this dream, XPENG HT Aero keeps on exploring to develop a real flying car which can be driven on normal roads and flown safely at low altitude.

As one of few Chinese aviation enterprises with successful manned flight experience, HT aims to develop a personal flying car for a flexible and convenient flight experience. Since 2013, XPENG HT Aero has already developed our 5th generation concept with over 15,000 test flights.

With extensive development and testing experience, HT has become an efficient and united team, who took only 8 months to develop and produce the fifth concept of HT Aero - XPENG X2, which is a two-seater eVTOL with a built-in autopilot system. 

The XPENG X2 is the latest generation of flying cars developed by HT Aero. Numerous high-tech attributes are offered in this new version, including: radar ranging, sensory obstacle avoidance, parachute and so on, of course providing a comprehensive suite of safety features for your flight. 

It measures 4.97 meters in length, 4.78 meters in width and 1.36 meters in height. Its arms can also be folded, making the body 4.79 meters long and 1.95 meters wide. The propeller diameter is about 1.83 meters. With a full carbon fiber structure, the flying car weighs just 560 kilograms and the maximum take-off weight is 760 kilograms. It is expected to cruise at 130 kilometers per hour and have a range of 35 minutes at a height of 1000 meters.

To develop a personal passenger aircraft is our vision and we believe that in the near future, everyone will be able to realize their dream of flying through the air with HT Aero.