New Regulation is Out - Bring Your Manuals up to Date Easily

New regulation is out - bring your manuals up to date easily. EASA has published an update:  "I'm sure I have to revise OM-A. Or OM-D? Which chapters? Where did I put the training requirements?"

Surely, you've been in this situation before: Imagine you log into a tool, review text that already has been drafted and all the changes are highlighted. If you like the draft, just accept it. If you want to change it, edit and give the manuals your own flavour. It’s that easy. And it takes less than 30 min.

We have been working almost for a decade with operators and authorities to provide you with the easiest and fastest way possible to stay on top of things.

Challenge us.

We set up your company and a first manual within 10 minutes.

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