Safety Solutions by Heinemann - Fortune Favours the Trained

Safety trainings and realtime asset management for offshore flying heli and fixed wing crews - tailored to your mission and in accordance with the relevant national and international requirements of the relevant aviation authorities!

Heinemann Projektberatung GmbH is the leading provider of safety trainings for helicopter/HEMS crews in the German offshore market. In addition to numerous aviation companies from Europe, we also train the personnel of the responsible aviation authorities and continuously adapt our course content in cooperation with the operating companies.

In particular for crews flying offshore missions, we have developed training scenarios over the past years that correspond to the various areas of activity on board helicopters. In addition to adapting our Helicopter Underwater Egress Trainer to the respective helicopter type, this also includes the integration of specific procedures depending on the function on board; in this way, HOIST operators, pilots or even physicians work together in different operational scenarios, e.g. through the integration of on-board radio connections, localization on board, quick-release systems and different types of CA-EBS.

In addition to Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) and proportionate consideration of relevant procedures from the Sea Survival module, we supplement our portfolio with first aid training and fire fighting for flying personnel; of course in accordance with the relevant national and international requirements of the relevant aviation authorities. We will be happy to put together a coherent program of the modules that are relevant and tailored to your personnel as well as your mission. 

In our state of the art training center we can simulate wave heights up to 1.60m with four different wave types, simulate different weather conditions (blackout, rain, thunderstorm, sound simulation) and also have a downwash simulator and a hoist winch. With regard to personal and collective protective equipment, we keep material from all current manufacturers and follow your specifications in order to be able to represent realistic scenarios with the equipment you use.

Besides we check, maintain and commission your PPE (suits, life jackets, PLB, lanyards, lifting bags, carabiners, etc.). Through the software we use, the responsible persons thus have real-time access to the location, inspection status and the documents relevant to the approval of your equipment. We will also be happy to provide you with rental material and equipment.