The Benefits of Simulator Training

It is proven that many accidents occur during training flights so how can you get the needed type-specific practice, renewal, or rating done but in safe conditions? Have you thought of the benefits of simulator use over the actual aircraft for training and checks? You can do that in Coptersafety!

As a pilot, you need to know certain emergencies and FSTDs are a great option to finish your training with low operating costs and without unnecessary risks. You can even crash in the simulator without any harm to the machine or anyone onboard.


Safety is the most obvious reason to use simulators over real aircraft for training. In the simulator, the whole environment is designed to reduce risks for both trainee and the instructor. In the enclosed and controlled environment, a pilot can learn from their own mistakes and repeat the difficult procedures as many times as necessary to achieve top performance. Every operator should consider the use of FSTDs available to strengthen pilots' competence, allow them to gain additional knowledge, and exercise their decision-making in stressful situations. Thanks to Coptersafety's own visual team, the scenario of the training can be modified to represent the actual environment the pilots will be flying in. 


Simulators can be used even 24/7 if needed. Compared to the real machine they can operate in any weather conditions, despite traffic congestion or time of the day. Of course, some delays might still happen but the overall reliability of Coptersafety FSTDs oscillates around 98 - 99 %. With our training base being located only 4 min from the international airport, training days are designed for maximum efficiency. 


Simulators don't use fuel but electricity to operate, therefore the carbon footprint of the training is significantly reduced. And if the training center is using a renewable energy source as we do in Coptersafety, the emission is reduced to zero. Additionally, you reduce noise pollution and impact on the local area as simulators are noiseless.


Even the most challenging training can be achieved in the simulator. Those machines are great for performing safety-relevant maneuvers, flying in unexpected and difficult weather conditions, multi-crew training, as well as operations-specific (SAR, HEMS, Offshore) training. FSTDs can be also used for acquiring additional type rating, recurrent training proficiency checks, as well as instrument rating training.

You can check Coptersafety's full training offering on our website