Your partner for manufacturing/MRO/Parts distribution

NEDAERO has it all! Did you know that NEDAERO as a PART 145 certified repair shop holds many C-ratings? Besides that we are also distributor for leading suppliers. And in our state-of-the-art manufacturing shop we manufacture new parts.

We are proud distributor for Collins Aerospace, Donaldson, JPC Aviation, Heliwagon, Orolia, RedBox and Switlik.

At this European Rotor show we co-exhibit with Donaldson, renowned for its Filtration Systems.

Orolia offers ELT solutions. They just announced 5 new part numbers re New Integra Evo Packs. Check out our website for the latest information on the Orolia New Integra Evo Pack TSO c126b compliance.

NEDAERO is specialized in repair of electronic and electromechanical aircraft components. Repair solutions are available for a large variety of categories.
Being a fully Part 145 certified repairshop, NEDAERO is authorized to perform repairs in accordance with the scope as presented in the following table.


Scope of work:

C1 Air Cond & Press 21
C2 Auto Flight 22
C3 Comms / Nav 23-34
C5 Electrical Power & Lights 24-33
C6 Equipment 25-38
C7 Engine – APU 71 – 73 – 74 – 77 – 79
C8 Flight Controls 27
C9 Fuel 28
C12 Hydraulic 29
C13 Indicating/Recording Systems 31
C14 Landing gear 32
C18 Protection ice/rain/fire 26-30

Class: Components other than complete engines or APU’s
Limitations: As per Capability List

Within this scope NEDAERO is in a position to engineer repair solutions for additional partnumbers, if required.