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Airborne Technologies GmbH

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We design, integrate and certify state-of-the-art special mission equipment and systems into new & existing airframes for governments, police, military and many sectors of industry. As an approved Design, Production and Maintenance Organisation we are a one-stop-shop for Special Mission Solutions.

About us

We offer fast & flexible integrated mission solutions for fixed, rotary-wing aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles. These solutions simplify the complexity of airborne surveillance processes for commercial, public safety and defence operations.

Total Solution Approach
We manage every step of the integration and modification process from design, engineering, fabrication, installation and test flying to EASA certification.

Centre of Excellence
We unite highly trained experts from all critical industry sectors (Aviation, Engineering, Aerial Surveying, Public Safety, Defense & Business) under one roof to achieve the best results.

Supplier Agnostic
We are impartial, unbiased, and specifically not aligned with any supplier. However, we have a great working relationship with many established aircraft, sensors and communication manufacturers worldwide which naturally benefits our clients.

As an Austrian, EASA approved company we are clearly focused on providing high quality - summarized by our slogan: Designed for Precision.

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Airborne Technologies GmbH
Viktor Lang Strasse, 8
2700 Wiener Neustadt

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 Manuel Hellerschmid

Manuel Hellerschmid

International Sales Manager

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