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Airbus Helicopters

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The unique operational capabilities of Airbus helicopters enable them to perform vital missions around the world: saving lives, protecting populations, and delivering critical services. Contributing to the building of a safe, united and sustainable world.

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Airbus Helicopters May 13, 2022

Swiss operator boosts the power of its H125s to ride even higher

Reliability and power are the name of the game in the Swiss Alps, where Swiss helicopter operator Air Zermatt is making its mark. In such challenging mountain environments, Air Zermatt’s red and white H125s reign supreme. So what better successor to the H125 than the same “upgraded” aircraft?

Airbus Helicopters January 13, 2022

FAQ: How we are making urban air mobility a reality

How we make urban air mobility a reality at Airbus? We received over 40 questions on this topic when we asked this question on social media. Balkiz Sarihan, Head of UAM Strategy Execution & Partnerships, and Eric Ferreira Da Silva, Head of UAM Engineering, took the time to answer them.

Airbus Helicopters December 16, 2021

Aerial dance of DLR’s Falcon 20E operating on 100% SAF

Watch as DLR’s Falcon 20E gets within 100 metres of this #A350 operating on unblended sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Soaring among the clouds above the south of France, the flight test campaign captured valuable in-flight data of SAF’s emissions performance.

Airbus Helicopters October 20, 2021

A Responsible Global Citizen

We pioneer sustainable aerospace for a safe and united world. The unique operational capabilities of helicopters enable these rotary-wing aircraft to perform vital missions around the world. #AirbusHelicopters #MakingMissionsPossible

Airbus Helicopters July 23, 2021

Airbus Helicopters - Thank you

For our customers, who amid the Covid-19 pandemic continued their essential missions of saving lives, serving their communities, helping when it was needed most ... for all this and more: THANK YOU.

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