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Avalex Technologies

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Offering one of the widest and most advanced portfolio of avionic mission equipment system solutions to a broad range of customers in Law Enforcement, Border Patrol and Search and Rescue

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Avalex Technologies has recently become a strategic component of Mercury Systems. Together we are building an impressive business in the platform and mission management domain. Strategically, Avalex offers design and manufacturing capability across a broad product base including cockpit management units, smart multi-function displays, tablets, digital mapping systems, digital video recorders, mission computers, and cockpit pressure oxygen warning systems. Avalex specializes in related hardware and software integration, customization and product longevity. These innovative solutions are designed to empower our customers to achieve mission success.

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Avalex Technologies Corp
2665 Gulf Breeze Parkway

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EMEA Sales Director David Findley

EMEA Sales Director David Findley

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