Short description

Aviatize makes smart and intuitive software for the aviation industry. From maintenance to take-off and everything in between, the fully comprehensive products of Aviatize include IDRONECT for unmanned aviation and Aviatize Pro for manned aviation, all-in-one software platforms to Fly More.

About us

Aviatize is a Belgian company founded in June 2015 by Tom Verbruggen (Msc Aviation Mechanics – Airline Transport Pilot) and Chris De Rouck (M.Eng Computer Software Engineering).

The mission of Aviatize is to develop innovative digital applications for the aviation industry’s many processes, according to the newest developments in the field of digital and online applications (Saas: Software as a service).

The company has 6 main products

IDRONECT OS: the operating system for professional drone operators

IDRONECT UTM: managing drone flights in the airspace

Skyman: software for airfields and heliports

Aviatize Pro: the all-in-one support system for AOC's and ATO's

Aviatize Club: management software for aeroclubs

Aviatize Pilot: management software for aircraft owners