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BEE appliance develops, manufactures and distributes load-carrying (UAS) and man-carrying (PAV) eVTOL aircraft on the worldwide growing market of on-demand air-transportation.

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About us

The BEE reference unit, first sample of a rugged, cost-efficient autonomous VTOL transporter serving diversified logistic infrastructures, interlinking road transport and air transportation.
Aircraft compliant with defense, surveying, inspection and cargo mission profiles.

Operators all over the world are calling for a robust work-horse with vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capabilities. In Germany alone, commercial drone demand will grow 16% p.a. on average until 2030. BEE H6® crafts will address the upper end of this market with feasible, highly capable transport drones powered by a series hybrid gas turbine drive. Due to the simplified mechatronic assembly, BEE multirotor VTOLs can be produced in the cost range of road-bound vehicles. The products BEE transporter and BEE carrier stand out in terms of simplicity, low total cost of ownership and ease of use.

Due to the limited gross energy storage capacity of Li-Ion batteries (240 Wh/kg) the range of batterie-only eVTOLs is very limited: about 15 minutes with an average payload (approx. 35% of MTOW), about 30 minutes for crafts carrying small, lightweight sensors (approx. 1-2% of MTOW) for data logging applications only*. Compared to helicopter operations with more than 2 hours flight endurance, existing eVTOL concepts cannot compete. At BEE, all crafts will be equipped with the future proof electric, series hybrid drive train granting the operating range any operator/pilot is asking for.

Besides the mission profile oriented convincing performance and range, the BEE H6® crafts are compact, lightweight and rugged. The six BEE H6® identical propulsion units constitute a very simple, reliable and redundant design with an excellent weight to payload ratio and convincing low maintenance requirements. BEE H6® eVTOLs are silent. The craft with its ducted fans emits 62-68 dB @ 240 ft only.

The BEE transporter and BEE carrier are easy to fly, due to the permanent auto active, assisted operation. BEE H6® crafts comprise all features for autonomous operation already, establishing a complete and robust UAS/PAV system.