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eMAGIC Aircraft GmbH

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eMagic Aircraft designes, develops and manufactures Electric Aircrafts and eVTOLS for General Aviation.

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  • S DULV

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The Founders

Graduate engineer Michael Kügelgen

Mechanical engineer, pilot for 45 years, authorization for wing and helicopter, development of numerous manned and unmanned flight systems. Founded MK Technology 25 years ago, specializing in special machine construction.

Highlight: Development and construction of the automatic production line investment casting for the US company SpaceX for the production of rockets and rocket engine parts. Construction of the world's largest steam autoclave with 12 m height and 65 tons empty weight.

At eMagic responsible for aerodynamic design, construction of the aircraft and flight testing.


Graduate physicist Thomas Senkel

Development of lightweight and extremely powerful electric drives for vehicles and aircraft.

Highlight: 2011 first manned copter flight, numerous awards, foundation of the company Volocopter. 2016 exit and privatization.

At eMagic responsible for propulsion system, battery technology and flight attitude control, flight testing hover platform.

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eMAGIC Aircraft GmbH
Robert-Koch-Strasse 15
53501 Grafschaft / Rheinland Pfalz

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 Michael Kügelgen / Thomas Senkel

Michael Kügelgen / Thomas Senkel

eMagic Aircraft GmbH

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