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Heli Transair European Air Services GmbH & Rotorflug GmbH

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Rotorflug and Heli Transair - two strong brands that have been together for decades, now stand together for absolute reliability and continue to grow together.

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About us

Since 2020, we have been firmly linked and can thus offer every conceivable service.


Our focus is on flight school - no other flight school trains as many helicopter pilots as we do.

From the PPL(H) training to the CPL(H) training to the integrated ATPL(H) IR training, you can acquire everything with us.

We also offer type ratings, MCC and IR(H).


Furthermore, we check above ground or underground power or gas lines for damage, we use a saw attached to the helicopter to cut lines free of branches in areas that are otherwise difficult to reach, we fly cargo to your destination on time and ensure that you arrive at your appointment relaxed and without traffic jams.


We also operate our own maintenance hangar for numerous helicopter types.

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Headquarter Heli Transair European Air Services GmbH
Hans-Fleissner-Str. 50
63329 Egelsbach

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 Dirk Herr

Dirk Herr

CEO Heli Transair EAS GmbH

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 Jan Veen

Jan Veen

Training Manager Heli Transair EAS GmbH

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 Georgios Kipros

Georgios Kipros

CEO Rotorflug GmbH

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