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Herfurth Logistics Zeebrugge

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Herfurth Logistics is an international freight forwarding and logistics company with European roots, active since more than 100 years.

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Herfurth Logistics Zeebrugge August 31, 2022
Service Highlight

Moving your Aircraft around the globe

As part of the Herfurth Group, we offer you full service to ship your Aircraft or parts. We handle your cargo with the greatest care and the safety of your Aircraft is our highest priority.

Herfurth Logistics Zeebrugge April 26, 2022

Shipping helicopters or aircrafts: Full service around the globe

The safety of your aircraft is our Nr 1 priority - with this mission in mind, we offer you door-to-door shipments by sea, by air, by truck, and tailor-made solutions around the globe. Herfurth Logistics Zeebrugge is your solution to ship your aircraft in a safe and secure way without flying it.

Herfurth Logistics Zeebrugge February 28, 2022

The life of a helicopter specialist at Herfurth Group

Another day, where Petra Popieul is preparing for the shipment of a helicopter. This time, its a Super Puma helicopter, which left Austria the previous day. She specializes in helicopter transport, whether by ship, truck, or air cargo. For more than 30 years, Petra has worked for the Herfurth Group.

Herfurth Logistics Zeebrugge January 14, 2022

M-Star Projects in the course of expansion

By joining the global Project Logistics Alliance (PLA), Herfurth Logistics aims to further expand its project division M-Star Projects: "Projects is a 'people business' where good contacts are very important", stresses Olivier d'Hoop, managing director of Herfurth Logistics.

Herfurth Logistics Zeebrugge December 13, 2021

M-Star Projects: The solution for shipping your aircraft

Are you looking for over-dimensional or heavy weight cargo shipping service? We take care of the handling and shipping of part loads with exceptional dimensions or weights. Find out why choose us and what our customers say about our services.

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About us

We offer you following services: 

  • Door to door shipments (worldwide) by sea, by air, by truck  
  • Tailor made solutions to ship your cargo. 
  • Best Routings & thorough planning 
  • Customs forms 
  • Minimizing risk factors 
  • Specialized technicians 
  • Landing & take-off permit on terminal 
  • Airport ground support 
  • Airborne  authorization 
  • Handling and packing (wrapping, crating spares …) 
  • Dismantling, mounting blades and preparations to ship or to fly
  • Storage & hub facilities
  • Fueling  facilities 
  • Quality control and attending loading & or discharging operations
  • Customized service. 
  • Parts logistics 

Shipping your aircraft  in a safe and secure way with or without flying it contact us.  Please send us your RFQ

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