InnoVfoam B.V.

Short description

The specialist in extinguishing foam systems for customized fire safety solutions.

About us

We are happy to assist our customers in the design and installation of extinguishing foam systems and extinguishing monitors. Over the past several years, we have forged a unique position within Europe’s fire protection market. We act as an “all-round” partner for end users, contractors and consultants in the petrochemical, offshore, aviation, logistics, shipping and waste recycling sectors.

With our own line of products on offer, such as foam concentrate, foam makers, foam proportioners and extinguishing monitors, we are eager to help you with your particular issue. We have extensive facilities at our main location in Oudkarspel. The roof of our head office houses a helicopter pad and helicopter, where a variety of helipad systems have been integrated. Our own Research & Development Center has been located on site since November 2019, allowing us to showcase all of the latest innovations in extinguishing foam systems. All of this has been done to demonstrate to our customers the myriad of options available in fire protection.