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Over 50 years of high-intensity lighting solutions for airborne and land-based searchlight systems

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  • P Firefighting
  • P Offshore
  • P Search and Rescue (SAR)
  • P Parapublic, Law Enforcement
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  • P Mission Equipment
  • P Mission Suppliers
  • P Surveillance, Optical Systems
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  • S EASA
  • S ISO 9001
  • S FAA Title 14 CFR Part 145 Certified Repair Station
  • S AS9100D

About us

Spectrolab is a leading provider of high intensity searchlight systems, offering the widest range of searchlights for civil or military applications.  Starting with the smaller SX-5 Starburst Searchlight to the bigger MIL-SPEC Qualified Nightsun XPM Searchlight, Spectrolab's product portfolio has a model to fit your mission requirements.  A wide network of distributors and service center stand ready to support your Spectrolab products when needed.  Please visit our website to learn more @

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Spectrolab, Inc. a Boeing Company
12500 Gladstone Ave.
91342 Sylmar

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 Luis Castro

Luis Castro

Product Line Manager, Illumination Products

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