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Autopiloted universal flying platforms with payload from 200 till 1000 kg for cargo delivery, rescue and wildfire extinguishing

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VIRA DRONES developing an universal platform VIRA for a heavy drone, devoid of such limitations inherent in helicopters as the inability to fly close to vertical surfaces, the high cost of flights with small loads, and geometric limitations. A unique feature of the platform developed by the company is the propeller thrust vector control system, which ensures smooth vertical take-off and landing in all weather conditions, as well as constant positioning of the platform in a strictly horizontal position during any maneuvers by the autopilot commands, which makes it the only one base for aircrafts in the world with such properties.

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Am Flugplatz 3
03058 Neuhausen/Spree

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 Valeriy Gorshkov

Valeriy Gorshkov

CEO and founder

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