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VRM Switzerland build the most realistic and professional flight training solutions for aviation applications to enable safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly training.

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VRMotion AG - VRM Switzerland October 14, 2021

Digital Series #17: VRM Switzerland

VRM Switzerland Virtual Reality Helicopter Training - EUROPEAN ROTORS DIGITAL SERIES #17 Fabi Riesen, CEO & Founder of VRM Switzerland together with his team gives an impressive inside view on helicopter training simulation in virtual reality mode.

VRMotion AG - VRM Switzerland July 23, 2021

Claude Vuichard Reviews VRM Switzerland’s VR Simulator

Ride along with Claude Vuichard, president of the Vuichard Recovery Aviation Safety Foundation, as he conducts a comprehensive evaluation of VRM Switzerland’s virtual reality flight simulator for the Robinson R22. It’s the first such device to be certified by the EASA.

VRMotion AG - VRM Switzerland July 22, 2021

Heli Austria Flight Academy will operate two VRM Simulators

Heli Austria Flight Academy is going to operate a Robinson R22 and an Airbus H125 Training Device from VRM Switzerland. The Robinson R22 Training Solution will be utilized to modernize basic helicopter pilot training within the Academy.

VRMotion AG - VRM Switzerland July 12, 2021

Improve Your Quality In Sling Load Operations

VRM Switzerland presents the world’s first realistic HESLO-Trainer to practise sling load operations at a high proficiency level. This enables helicopter operators to reduce training costs and to improve their flight safety.

VRMotion AG - VRM Switzerland July 12, 2021

World’s first qualified VR Flight Training Device

VRM Switzerland was the first company to develop a Virtual Reality Flight Training Device that was qualified by EASA in April 2021. The opportunities this creates are extensive.

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About us

VRM Switzerland is an innovative team of passionate engineers, highly specialized developers, and dedicated aviation experts that has achieved the world’s first Aviation Authority qualification of a Virtual Reality Training Device with its Robinson R22 Training Solution.

We are specialized in the design, development and production of VR helicopter simulators. The entire mechanical design and electronic circuits are designed and coordinated in-house. 

By combining scientific background and expert knowledge, we develop the next generation of flight training solutions that meet high quality standards. We offer professional flight training solutions for ATOs, operators and manufacturers to improve flight safety and enable efficient, nonpolluting training: basic maneuvers, emergency procedures and sling load operations.

Another strength of the team is its proximity to flight schools and operators. Swiss launching customers Mountain Flyers, the Heli Academy, development partner Air Zermatt, helicopter manufacturer Kopter and other specialists enable the development of sophisticated training solutions with optimal benefits.