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C-PARTS MANAGEMENT FOR THE AVIATION AND SPACE INDUSTRY - the continuation of a successful history. Developed from the industrial sector with many innovations

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Würth Aerospace Solutions GmbH was founded on January 24, 2020 as an independent subsidiary of the Würth Group. In addition to an extensive range of high-quality fasteners as well as auxiliary and operating materials, it offers customers in the aerospace industry, intelligent system solutions and service concepts for a maximum security of supply.

Unique support for a unique industry
The aim of the company is the full C-parts support within the framework of a partnership-based, trusting cooperation. The focus is always on achieving maximum process, quality and supply security.

As a member of the BDLI, Würth Aerospace Solutions is familiar with the special requirements of the aerospace industry and is in a continuous, innovative development process. In order to be able to meet the special industry requirements in all areas, the company was certified according to DIN EN 9120:2018 in 2020.

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 Martin Linner

Martin Linner

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