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Airbus Helicopters July 26, 2022

Climate-research and high-altitude rescues - all in one day

Lhasa "Snow Eagle" General Aviation Co., Ltd. operates six H125s on the Tibetan plateau. The H125, is known as high-altitude record breakers and thus, the perfect match to carry out a wide array of missions including HEMS missions, forestry protection, climate research, aerial missions and more.

Airbus Helicopters May 13, 2022

Swiss operator boosts the power of its H125s to ride even higher

Reliability and power are the name of the game in the Swiss Alps, where Swiss helicopter operator Air Zermatt is making its mark. In such challenging mountain environments, Air Zermatt’s red and white H125s reign supreme. So what better successor to the H125 than the same “upgraded” aircraft?

Bell January 12, 2022

Rotor Radio: A V-280 pilot answers your questions

What is it like in the cockpit of a A V-280? How long does it take to transition from helicopter-like hover to speedy forward airplane mode? How does the next-gen Valor compare to the V-22 Osprey or the Black Hawk it might replace? In this podcast episode A V-280 pilot answers these questions.

Airbus Helicopters December 16, 2021

Aerial dance of DLR’s Falcon 20E operating on 100% SAF

Watch as DLR’s Falcon 20E gets within 100 metres of this #A350 operating on unblended sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Soaring among the clouds above the south of France, the flight test campaign captured valuable in-flight data of SAF’s emissions performance.

Heinemann Projektberatung GmbH November 10, 2021

Safety Solutions by Heinemann - Fortune Favours The Trained

Safety trainings and realtime asset management for offshore flying heli and fixed wing crews - tailored to your mission! Watch this small teaser of our HUET and Sea Survival training and don't miss to drop in! ;)

Avalex Technologies November 10, 2021

Selected Mission Equipment supplier to UKs NPAS

NPAS's choice for game-changing mission equipment on their EC135-T2s bringing improved Operational use of Airborne Mission equipment and robust Evidential Recording

AirWork & Heliseilerei GmbH November 8, 2021

Process of EASA-certified products

AirWork & HeliseilereiGmbH (A&H) is a leading manufacturer of innovative high-quality products in the field of lifting accessories and slinging equipment for helicopter external load transport, rescue operations and load securing.

Avalex Technologies November 2, 2021

Avalex Tecnologies - Integrated Mission System solutions

Celebrating 30 years, Avalex has become a powerhouse in the avionics industry by adapting modern technologies to fit with legacy and visionary land, sea, air and space vehicles alike. From the F-15, F-16, F-18 to the A-10 to Apaches to Spaceship Two, Avalex is ready for the mission ahead.

Trakka Systems November 1, 2021

TrakkaCam TC-300

Airborne surveillance video of the TrakkaCam TC-300 on critical missions. Trakka’s TC-300 is a versatile, compact, long-range, multi-sensor surveillance system designed for installation on a variety of manned, and unmanned platforms.

Trakka Systems November 1, 2021

Total Mission Solution Package

Trakka offers the world's only total mission solutions package consisting of the TrakkaCam gyro-stabilized, compact multi-sensor surveillance system, the sophisticated TrakkaBeam searchlight, and Trakka's TM-100 Mapping & Video Management System.

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