Complementary Use of Drones

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Germandrones GmbH November 3, 2022
Product Highlight

Songbird 150 High-Precision Mapping

The Songbird 150 high-precision mapping kit combines the outstanding Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) hardware and flight mission-software of Germandrones with mapping hard- and software technology from the market leaders

New Imaging Technologies (NIT) July 11, 2022
Product Highlight

SenS 1280

NIT's SenS 1280, the only camera with HD resolution SWIR InGaAs sensor (1280x1024px @10µm pitch), High Sensitivity (30e- RON) in Europe and Embedded Image processing.

New Imaging Technologies (NIT) July 11, 2022
Product Highlight

WiDy SenS 640

The WiDy SenS 640 provides straightforward digital video SDI output interfacing with the most current electronic video platforms. Ideal for airborne fire fighting, search and rescue, and agricultural mapping.

EUROPEAN ROTORS | Organiser January 11, 2022


The conference took place at EUROPEAN ROTORS 2021. Thank you to our moderator Achim Friedl.

Avy October 5, 2021

VTOL drone-out-of-the box Solution

We explore how VTOL drones are being used by first responders and shed light on how operations can become autonomous when paired up with a drone station.

SKYTRAC September 16, 2021

Nordic Unmanned and SKYTRAC Agree to Product Launch Partners

SKYTRAC Systems Ltd.'s recently launched Integrated Mission System 350 (IMS- 350) Satcom terminal has been selected by Nordic Unmanned for installation on a Staaker BG-200 UAV, enabling Command & Control (C2) capabilities, photogrammetry, LiDAR scanning flight operations, and logistical operations.

European Helicopter Association (EHA) | Organiser July 26, 2021

On the future of VTOL and complementary use of drones

EHA statement on the European Commission Drone Strategy. The growth of the UAV activity must be addressed urgently in order to preserve the safety of manned aircraft as indispensable and, therefore, indisputable top precondition regarding the promotion of the drone industry.

AIRIAL ROBOTICS GmbH July 13, 2021

An UAV Created With Manned Aviation In Mind

The GT20 is an all-electric rotary UAV based on the Gyrocopter principle with added VTOL capabilities. The GT20 is a versatile all-weather Super-Workhorse with system inherent safety features that is built for commercial BVLOS missions in surveillance, inspection and logistics.

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