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EUROPEAN ROTORS | Organiser December 20, 2021

Fire Fighting Panel

The conference took place at EUROPEAN ROTORS 2021. Thank you to our moderator Carlos Abrego and his panelists Isabel Maestre Moreno, Jaime Arqué, Roger Gustafsson, Grigorios Karanikolas, Marco Panigialli, Peter Möller, David Solar und Victor Fernandez-Huertas.

VIRA DRONES October 20, 2021

The Ark (VIRA M450)

We present various applications of the new vehicle: M450, The ARK. The important difference from other aircraft is the ability to maintain a constant horizontal position of the hull. It allows you to moor to stationary objects such as windows of buildings, mountains, wind turbines - see more below.

Avy October 5, 2021

VTOL drone-out-of-the box Solution

We explore how VTOL drones are being used by first responders and shed light on how operations can become autonomous when paired up with a drone station.

InnoVfoam B.V. August 25, 2021

Extinguishing Foam Systems For Helipad Protection

We supply a range of technology solutions that ensure efficient extinguishing performance for helipads. Fully customised to the needs of our customers, we offer complete operational extinguishing systems that include extinguishing monitors, a control system and a foam proportioning system.

InnoVfoam B.V. August 23, 2021

Helideck DIFFS & FMS by Roy de Jong

In this video our colleague explains the DIFFS (Deck Integrated Foam Firefighting System) and the FMS (Fire Monitor System). Both systems invented to secure your helideck.

DART Aerospace July 27, 2021

Be Mission Ready

DART Aerospace is the leader in helicopter mission equipment. We are a passionate team of professionals who design, certify, manufacture and service aerospace mission-critical equipment of the highest value for aircraft OEM and operators. Be MISSION Ready with DART Aerospace.

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