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Hillsboro Aero Academy

1. November 2021

Joint FAA-EASA Helicopter Training Story

Joint FAA-EASA Helicopter Training

Build a pipeline of future pilot recruits able to fly anywhere in the world with dual FAA/EASA certification - at no cost to you. Learn about our Career Pathway Program.



18. October 2021

The Benefits of Simulator Training Story

The Benefits of Simulator Training

It is proven that many accidents occur during training flights so how can you get the needed type-specific practice, renewal, or rating done but in safe conditions? Have you thought of the benefits of simulator use over the actual aircraft for training and checks? You can do that in Coptersafety!


VRMotion AG - VRM Switzerland

22. July 2021

Heli Austria Flight Academy will operate two VRM Simulators Story

Heli Austria Flight Academy will operate two VRM Simulators

Heli Austria Flight Academy is going to operate a Robinson R22 and an Airbus H125 Training Device from VRM Switzerland. The Robinson R22 Training Solution will be utilized to modernize basic helicopter pilot training within the Academy.


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