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Smith Myers November 4, 2022

ARTEMIS - New Product Launch

ARTEMIS T-U weights in at 1.4Kg. When comparing the extremely low SWaP to the effective range, customers have quickly identified that this is an unmatchable product when comparing weight to performance.

Airbus Helicopters October 24, 2022

Airbus delivers 100th H135 in Japan

Airbus Helicopters recently delivered Japan’s 100th H135 to Mainichi Newspapers, marking a major milestone in the country for this outstanding rotorcraft. The new H135 will complement Mainichi Newspapers’ existing fleet of three H135 helicopters to cover nationwide activities.

Aviation Specialties Unlimited September 29, 2022

Night Vision Innovator, ASU Inc. Receives ISO 9001:2015 Certification

As a provider of “Night Vision Solutions that Save Lives!” and multiple innovative products in development, standardization is critical to delivering the highest quality products efficiently and exceeding customer expectations worldwide.

Avalex Technologies November 10, 2021

Selected Mission Equipment supplier to UKs NPAS

NPAS's choice for game-changing mission equipment on their EC135-T2s bringing improved Operational use of Airborne Mission equipment and robust Evidential Recording

Air Covers November 8, 2021

LIDAR rapid prototyping from Air Covers

Air Covers adds latest Faro handheld Lidar scanner for rapid prototyping and design to their fleet of scanners. On site to despatched product now achievable in less than 48hrs for urgent operational requests.

Bucher Leichtbau AG November 8, 2021

BUCHER Lightening the Load & Adding Value

Bucher’s innovative combination of select materials allows operators to reduce every unnecessary gram of weight and make optimal use of available space. Rolf Kraus, Director Sales & Programs MIC, Medical Systems, shared his insights into the field of police aviation units.

Avalex Technologies November 2, 2021

Avalex Tecnologies - Integrated Mission System solutions

Celebrating 30 years, Avalex has become a powerhouse in the avionics industry by adapting modern technologies to fit with legacy and visionary land, sea, air and space vehicles alike. From the F-15, F-16, F-18 to the A-10 to Apaches to Spaceship Two, Avalex is ready for the mission ahead.

Trakka Systems November 1, 2021

TrakkaCam TC-300

Airborne surveillance video of the TrakkaCam TC-300 on critical missions. Trakka’s TC-300 is a versatile, compact, long-range, multi-sensor surveillance system designed for installation on a variety of manned, and unmanned platforms.

Trakka Systems November 1, 2021

Total Mission Solution Package

Trakka offers the world's only total mission solutions package consisting of the TrakkaCam gyro-stabilized, compact multi-sensor surveillance system, the sophisticated TrakkaBeam searchlight, and Trakka's TM-100 Mapping & Video Management System.

AUK Protection October 25, 2021

Press Release SLA

AUK Protection was founded in 2011 by a group of Swedish helicopter pilots. We were tired of the inferior quality of pilot equipment. Since 2013 the Swedish company has supplied garments to helicopter pilots around the globe.

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