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EUROPEAN ROTORS | Organiser January 17, 2023

Women in Aviation Careers

Today in aviation, approximately 5 percent of the pilot population are women, and only about 2% of Aviation Engineers/AMTs are women. Over a panel discussion, we present some women in rotorcraft segments, their unique paths, and their take on successfully navigating the vertical aviation industry.

EUROPEAN ROTORS | Organiser January 10, 2023

Offshore: HeliOffshore’s background and activities update

Timothy Rolfe, HeliOffshore, introduces you to HeliOffshore, talks about the strategic focus and their Safety Programme. He will also share some interesting data - learn more in the video below.

EUROPEAN ROTORS | Organiser January 10, 2023

Offshore: Transforming Hoist Training Using High-Fidelity VR/MR Simulators

Michel Lechmann, Bluedrop explains who Bluedrop is, what their Hoist Mission Training Systems is and he will talk about the impacts programme. Enjoy his full presentation in the video below.

EUROPEAN ROTORS | Organiser January 3, 2023

Offshore: Emergency Medicine for Offshore Wind

Rüdiger Franz, Medical Director at NHC Northern Helicopter talks about telemedicine to intensive care on the hook. Enjoy his whole presentation in the video below.

Switlik Survival Products September 22, 2022
Product Highlight

Introducing the world’s first underarm constant-wear life vest

The UA-80 Evolution vest is the world’s first FAA approved commercially available underarm constant wear life vest; it represents the next evolution in life vest design utilizing SWITLIK’s signature underarm flotation technology incorporated into a tactical-style vest.

Mototok International GmbH July 7, 2022

Mototok ALLIGATOR- FLIR in front? No problem

The world lowest helicopter mover for all kind of helicopters with a Front-FLIR. Mototok Alligator has the lowest plattform with < 150 mm. The machine is higly manouvrerable and the nosegear is loaded with one-click.

SAFRAN October 6, 2021

Ardiden 3: The Most Innovative Engine In Its Class

Ardiden 3 is the only European engine for super-medium helicopters and fixed-wing applications. Learn more about the Ardiden 3 in this exciting video.

BEAMFLIGHT August 27, 2021

Next-Gen Landing System

In partnership with PALU and ComoNExT- Innovation Hub, we've been developing an innovative, next-generation landing system designed to improve the safety of rotorcraft under poor visibility conditions.

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