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EUROPEAN ROTORS | Organiser January 31, 2023

Astronauts and Helicopter Pilots - Fast & Efficient Decision Making

Astronauts and Helicopter Pilots - Fast & Efficient Decision Making And How to Get Back to the Moon with Helicopters. Listen to this fantastic interactive presentation given by key note speaker Laura Winterling.

EUROPEAN ROTORS | Organiser January 17, 2023

Women in Aviation Careers

Today in aviation, approximately 5 percent of the pilot population are women, and only about 2% of Aviation Engineers/AMTs are women. Over a panel discussion, we present some women in rotorcraft segments, their unique paths, and their take on successfully navigating the vertical aviation industry.

EUROPEAN ROTORS | Organiser December 20, 2022

General Aviation - Day 1

In this presentation on day 1 you will hear and see Dr. Bettina Schleidt (Human Factors Consult), Jan Veen 8Heli Transair) and Dr. Marcus Bauer (iwiation).

EUROPEAN ROTORS | Organiser December 20, 2022

Market News Day 1

The conference took place at EUROPEAN ROTORS 2022. Thank you to our moderator Astrid Ayling and her pannelists Davide Brandano, Mattia Carpin and Daniel Hermyt. The session was hosted by our media partner AV Buyer.

Applus+ Laboratories November 14, 2022

Taking the UAV outdoor flight-testing experience to another level, one partnership at a time

As UAV development quickly escalates, relying on qualified outdoor flight-testing installations and development environments has never been more crucial.

Air bp Limited November 9, 2022

SAF Panel

Air bp is one of the world’s leading suppliers of aviation fuel.Its customers include helicopter operators in offshore and HEMS roles.Air bp supports the industry’s goal to reach net-zero by 2050 and offers low carbon solutions to help its customers get there.Join Sven Rieve on Tuesday's SAF panel.

AEROMETALS November 8, 2022

H60/S70 Inlet Barrier Filter

Hear what the industry is saying about our H60/S70 IBF. Special Thank you to Chuck MacFarland and San Diego Fire Rescue for being our "lead to fleet" customer.

Air bp Limited November 8, 2022

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Before delivery to an airport/heliport, SAF is blended at up to 50% with traditional jet fuel and all quality tests are completed. The blend is re-certified as Jet A or A1 and handled in the same way as a traditional jet fuel. No changes are required to the helicopter or fuelling infrastructure.

Rotortrade November 4, 2022

Rotortrade at ER2022 Booth #1604

Rotortrade is the leading global helicopter dealer and sole international distributor of Leonardo’s pre-owned helicopters. Rotortrade offers helicopters you can trust through its network of 10 fully owned dealerships around the world.

PETER H. BRAASCH November 3, 2022

Take off without worries with PETER H. BRAASCH

To be able to live the dream of flying, whether as a private pilot or a commercial enterprise, you need the best possible training, experience and, of course, reliable aircraft.

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