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Bell April 21, 2022
Product Highlight

Bell 360 Invictus: Unmatched Maneuverability

The Bell 360 Invictus is revolutionizing attack reconnaissance capabilities. Whether in the urban canyons of the megacity or rugged rural terrain, the design of the Bell 360 delivers advanced speed, range and maneuverability.

Bell March 1, 2022

BELL BOEING V-22 OSPREY: The Tiltrotor Difference

For more than 30 years, the V-22 Osprey has fundamentally changed how the U.S. Marine Corps, Air Force and Navy operate in combat and humanitarian operations. With a fleet of over 400+ aircraft, the Osprey continues to prove it’s one of the most versatile and reliable aircraft around the globe.

Leonardo February 17, 2022

Extending the reach of naval operations

Deployed worldwide in the most demanding open-ocean and littoral environments, Leonardo’s naval helicopters provide true multi-role capability. Our rich heritage is combined with leading-edge technologies to meet the exacting requirements of our customers around the world.

EUROPEAN ROTORS | Organiser January 11, 2022

NSPA: connecting with the Parapublic Rotorcraft Sector

The conference took place at EUROPEAN ROTORS 2021. Thank you to Thomas Gaborit.

Bell November 17, 2021

Bell at European Rotors 2021

Bell EVP of Innovation and Commercial, Michael Thacker addresses the Parapublic and HEMS community at European Rotor Conference in October 2021 in Cologne, Germany.

Anodyne Electronics Manufacturing Corp. September 30, 2021

Customized Digital Audio for Special Mission Applications

The AEM P139-HD Digital Audio System, the most capable digital audio solution designed for customization and flexibility. Designed for and used globally by Special Mission operators to fit their specific needs.

PCO S.A. September 29, 2021

Aviator's Night Vision Goggles PNL-3M

European, certified and ITAR-free Aviator's Night Vision Goggles PNL-3M for military, law enforcement, aerial firefighting, SAR low light level missions and passanger and cargo nighttime transportation.

Bell September 17, 2021

New Law Enforcement Demonstrator Bell 429 in Germany

This new demonstrator will be used to showcase the aircraft’s capabilities to the police and military markets in Europe and across the globe. With over 400 Bell 429s around the world and 100 located in Europe, the aircraft has been one of the most successful light twin helicopters on the market.

Union Française de l'Hélicoptère et du Vol Vertical | Partner September 3, 2021

European Helicopters daily jobs

We all need helicopter service almost every day, almost everywhere. When faced with a medical emergency or the threat of a fire, it seems obvious. But do we think that we also need the helicopters when we open the drinkable water tape in the kitchen, when we switch on the light, when we take a road?

Anodyne Electronics Manufacturing Corp. August 25, 2021

Leading By Design

Leading by Design defines who we are. Whether it's a product or an internal process, we make sure we're designing it so it's the best customer experience. It's the quality of our products; it's creating a company that has the right culture to keep that product continuing and going.

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