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Herfurth Logistics Zeebrugge April 26, 2022

Shipping helicopters or aircrafts: Full service around the globe

The safety of your aircraft is our Nr 1 priority - with this mission in mind, we offer you door-to-door shipments by sea, by air, by truck, and tailor-made solutions around the globe. Herfurth Logistics Zeebrugge is your solution to ship your aircraft in a safe and secure way without flying it.

Leonardo February 17, 2022

Extending the reach of naval operations

Deployed worldwide in the most demanding open-ocean and littoral environments, Leonardo’s naval helicopters provide true multi-role capability. Our rich heritage is combined with leading-edge technologies to meet the exacting requirements of our customers around the world.

TU Wien - Vienna Research Unit Machine Elements and Transmissions for Aviation November 17, 2021

Presentations at European Rotors 2021

TU Wien offers innovations for aviation: from new concepts and designs to testing as well as support in production and certification. For manufacturers, suppliers, designers and service providers in the aviation industry, a number of innovative technologies.

Aviatize November 16, 2021

Aviatize - Multitool of the sky

From maintenance to take-off and everything in between, the Aviatize platform manages all processes in 1 place, allowing the operator to focus on what matters most: Flying More. For AOC's, ATO's, CAMO's, private owners and aeroclubs.

Aviatize November 12, 2021

Aviatize Overview

Aviatize is the multitool of the sky. From maintenance to take-off and everything in between. For commercial operators, flight schools, aeroclubs and private owners.

EUROPEAN ROTORS | Organiser November 11, 2021

Peer Support for Helicopter Operator

Prof. Dr. Bettina Schleidt from SRH University of Applied Sciences, Heidelberg talks about peer support, its programs, and goals as well as the new regulation for commercial helicopter operators.

Heinemann Projektberatung GmbH November 10, 2021

Safety Solutions by Heinemann - Fortune Favours The Trained

Safety trainings and realtime asset management for offshore flying heli and fixed wing crews - tailored to your mission! Watch this small teaser of our HUET and Sea Survival training and don't miss to drop in! ;)

AZCS Andreas Zoellner Consulting Service November 8, 2021

AZCS: Introduction

Based on many years of experience in aircraft interior completions and more, Andreas Zoellner started his own business as an independent representative/business agent of companies dealing with aerospace products and services.

Applus+ Laboratories November 2, 2021

End-to-End Rotorcraft Testing Solutions

From developing bespoke equipment for testing helicopter gearboxes to performing multi-axial structural tests and environmental testing of airborne equipment, we support rotorcraft OEMs and suppliers from the R&D stage right through to product validation and certification.

NGFT Solutions November 1, 2021

New Regulation is Out - Bring Your Manuals up to Date Easily

New regulation is out - bring your manuals up to date easily. EASA has published an update:  "I'm sure I have to revise OM-A. Or OM-D? Which chapters? Where did I put the training requirements?"

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