Sound Level Reduction

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Bell December 30, 2022
Product Highlight

Your Own Personal Time Machine: Why a Bell Rotorcraft is Worth the Investment

Your time is your most valuable resource and with more airlines reporting delays or cancellations, air travel is becoming challenging. Whether it’s work or play, owning a helicopter will transform your life. Find out why a Bell Rotorcraft is worth the investment.

GLOBALSYS October 26, 2022

GLOBALSYS, your wireless intercom partner

Specialist in wireless audio communication systems for more than 20 years, we provide helicopter operators around the world with high-quality headsets and audio communication systems.

GLOBALSYS October 1, 2021

Airlink 3085IA Wireless Audio Communication System

Adaptable to any wired headset or helmet. DECT Technoloy which allows full-duplex communication up to 300meters Lot of features and possible settings.

Bose August 10, 2021

Improve The Experience With The Bose A20

The Bose A20 was designed for best-in-class active noise reduction — and provides ANR that's 30 % greater than conventional aviation headsets, enhanced comfort, clear audio and intuitive operation. No matter what you fly, the Bose A20 is engineered to improve the experience.

Bose August 10, 2021

Best In Class Noise Reduction

You know it for its acclaimed noise reduction, comfort and clear audio. It comes with full Bluetooth® capability for connecting with your aviation apps, for streaming music and for communication. Learn more about it in the video.

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