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TPS SpA October 31, 2022
Service Highlight

Discover the TPS Group Training Academy

Training courses in Avionics Services and Mechanical Design with specializations in Aeronautics, Automotive, Precision Mechanics and Oil and Gas, to allow young graduates to acquire all the technical-specialist skills and "soft skills" that are necessary to anticipate market demands.

Heli Transair European Air Services GmbH & Rotorflug GmbH September 28, 2022

Love at first flight

No other flight school in Germany trains more helicopter pilots than we do. There is a good reason for this: We attach great importance to standardised training and constantly train our instructors to be able to offer you the best possible training.

Airbus Helicopters September 1, 2022

Urban air mobility... from the ground up

Four members of Airbus’ UAM department talk about the projects they’re working on, what got them interested in urban air mobility, and how it might change the skies for future generations.

Bose August 29, 2022

Why I fly

Pilot and instructor Chris Horton shares his love for flying helicopters and his personal mission to make the aviation industry safer. Chris was the 2014 AgustaWestland Safety Excellence Award.

EUROPEAN ROTORS | Organiser August 16, 2022
Press release

EUROPEAN ROTORS provides helicopter industry training and recruitment opportunities

In response to the way the industry is progressing, EUROPEAN ROTORS recognise the importance of workforce development, and have made strategic decisions to ensure the subject is central to the event.

Trakka Systems November 1, 2021

TrakkaCam TC-300

Airborne surveillance video of the TrakkaCam TC-300 on critical missions. Trakka’s TC-300 is a versatile, compact, long-range, multi-sensor surveillance system designed for installation on a variety of manned, and unmanned platforms.

Hillsboro Aero Academy November 1, 2021

Joint FAA-EASA Helicopter Training

Build a pipeline of future pilot recruits able to fly anywhere in the world with dual FAA/EASA certification - at no cost to you. Learn about our Career Pathway Program.

Union Française de l'Hélicoptère et du Vol Vertical | Partner September 3, 2021

European Helicopters daily jobs

We all need helicopter service almost every day, almost everywhere. When faced with a medical emergency or the threat of a fire, it seems obvious. But do we think that we also need the helicopters when we open the drinkable water tape in the kitchen, when we switch on the light, when we take a road?

DART Aerospace July 27, 2021

Be Mission Ready

DART Aerospace is the leader in helicopter mission equipment. We are a passionate team of professionals who design, certify, manufacture and service aerospace mission-critical equipment of the highest value for aircraft OEM and operators. Be MISSION Ready with DART Aerospace.

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